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About Us

COCO ROSS sources and sells extremely high quality top grain leather luxury leather bags and accessories…

All the bags in our store are made from the finest quality top grain leather, and you can be sure that every leather bag which you buy from COCO ROSS is of the highest quality.

COCO ROSS is a fashion leather accessories store that takes pride in its leather expertise and personalized customer care, and in our store you will find our own branded items but also a number of high end leather bags and accessories carefully selected from other reputable vendors across the globe. 

We try out best to source items which are constructed on the individual strength, grain and flexibility of the finest leathers.

The result is vibrantly colored and richly textured collections that perfectly complement the contemporary wardrobe, fulfilling the desire for accessories that are versatile, stylish and personal.

In addition, the leather bags in our store have excellent craftsmanship, original designs, high end superior quality, and are fashioned to endure and adapt to everyday pressures.

However, we do try to ensure that the COCO ROSS store merchandise does not have the extremely expensive price tags that one would expect from superior quality designer leather products, our mission is to supply minimilism, excellence and high quality at a very reasonable price to our clients.

The COCO ROSS store tries hard to offer distinctive styles, inspired choices and stylish, modern and unique designs for bags and accessories so you can find the perfect affordable leather item to suit every mood and occasion.

Enjoy you shopping experience....

We also cater to wholesale orders worldwide at very competitive prices; please contact us at retail@cocoross.com for pricing and details, alternatively contact us at one of our addresses below.


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COCO ROSS,                                                     COCO ROSS,

231 Morningside Road,                                         Rockwell Center,                                                             

Edinburgh, EH10 41T,                                          Makati City, 1209,                                                              

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